NEWS18 January 2010

Omniture tool picked for Toyota analytics task

Asia Pacific New business

JAPAN— Toyota Motor Corporation has signed up to use Omniture’s SiteCatalyst online analytics platform to analyse and optimise its marketing campaigns.

The car-maker will run the tool, which is part of the Omniture Online Marketing Suite on its main corporate website, along with ten of its other sites, in an effort to enhance brand initiatives and foster customer loyalty.

Omniture’s country manager for Japan Marcus Otsuji said: “SiteCatalyst gives Toyota real-time, actionable data which can be a valuable competitive edge in a business environment where brands are increasingly interacting with their customers online.”

Josh James (pictured), Omniture’s senior vice president and general manager, said: “We anticipate that Toyota will see promising results and a strong ROI with SiteCatalyst and the best-practice guidance of Omniture Consulting.”