NEWS3 June 2024

Olson Zaltman launches social media analysis tool

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US – Research-based consultancy Olson Zaltman has created a social media analysis tool called ViZual Listening.

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The tool analyses patterns in the use of metaphors online, including their use in language and photos, videos, GIFs and memes.

ViZual Listening was designed in partnership with Dr Michael Mulvey of the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management and Dr Christopher Belanger of Belanger Analytics.

Olson Zaltman is a research-based consultancy founded by Dr Gerald Zaltman from Harvard Business School and Dr Jerry Olson from Penn State University.

Olson Zaltman chief executive Lindsay Zaltman said the tool would help clients “to be able to deeply understand what people are saying on social media through interpreting the metaphors, imagery and emotion that drive those conversations”.

Zaltman added: “Social media is a virtual town square where cultural conversations are happening and ViZual Listening gives our clients a unique way to listen in.”