NEWS29 May 2015

OgilvyOne launches research lab

News UK

UK — Customer engagement agency OgilvyOne, in partnership with design consultancy we are experience, has announced the launch of a new research centre.


The Customer Lab is a research centre and virtual resource designed to help improve customer engagement.

The facility, based at OgilvyOne’s office in Canary Wharf, will allow clients to observe customers interacting with their products and services, as well as offering training, customer immersion and research for teams and clients.

“As technology and competition create greater choice, consumers are no longer willing to be led down a rigid marketing funnel,” said Brian Jensen, managing partner, Innovation, OgilvyOne UK (pictured above with Chris Averill, chief executive officer at we are experience). “In an age where customer experience with a brand outweighs what a brand dictates, Customer Lab will excel as it seeks to identify what the customer needs and wants.”

“We’ll sit face to face with them and watch, learn and enquire as they engage. Our teams and our clients will see the people whose hearts, minds, attention and loyalty we need to win. In The Customer Lab, we’ll work collaboratively to create the products and services that will really matter for our clients and their customers around the world.”