NEWS23 April 2019

OdinText rebrands to OdinAnswers

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US – Customer experience analytics platform OdinText is rebranding to OdinAnswers to reflect its focus on extracting insights from customer data.

Established in 2015 by Anderson Analytics, the company’s text analytics platform allows researchers to analyse customer feedback, survey responses, reviews and social interactions to determine consumer sentiment.

The company is changing its name to reflect its expanded focus beyond text analytics.

Andy Greenawalt, who was appointed chief executive in June last year, said: “Shortly after arriving in 2018 and talking with our clients, it became clear that the team and technology at OdinText were delivering something far beyond text analysis – we were providing companies with answers hidden within their data that solve business challenges. With that realisation, we wanted to capture this focus in our new name.”

Tom Anderson, founder and chief research officer, added: “The goal of the analysis was always to help brands extract answers from increasingly diverse data pools– answers that could be used to address challenges and grow their business.”