NEWS19 November 2013

OBJE looks to analyse and engage mobile gamers using big data

North America Technology

US — OBJE is looking to create new analytics tools to better engage and monetise mobile gamers worldwide.

The company is currently exploring the development of new utilities that will “allow its in-house game designers and others to tune the virtual economies of their mobile gaming apps to extract the most useful and interesting information about users anonymously.” The data could be used to calculate the cost of user acquisition, or model the actions most likely to lead to an in-app purchase.

“We need better tools to study why users leave a game, share an achievement or make a purchase,” said OBJE CEO Paul Watson. “The more we know about our most profitable users, the better we can tailor the gaming experience to their interests, behaviours and social networks.”

OBJE’s titles include Creature Taverns, Phantasmic and Bluff Wars.