NEWS27 February 2013

Nunwood expands APAC presence

Asia Pacific News

AUSTRALIA — Customer experience management specialist Nunwood has increased its Asia Pacific presence with the launch of satellite offices in Australia.

The UK-headquartered group has opened offices in Brisbane and Melbourne following the launch of its Sydney office in 2010.

Key to this expansion has been the growth of Nunwood’s customer experience management business with CEM-related technology, training and insight activity now accounting for over 60% of revenues compared with 20% three years ago.

Ann Thompson, APAC co-MD, said: “The number of CEM engagements has risen steadily throughout 2012; this is a key region of growth. Managing our own excellence across this developing region will always be a priority for the business.”



12 years ago

It seems a bit odd for any company to use Australia as their base for APAC, with it being so culturally different, in a different time zone and being monolingual English speaking. Sure Nunwod has their reasons though.

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11 years ago

Couldn't agree less. Australia is an excellent choice for an APAC base. The 'cultural difference' of Australia is all relative when you consider the cultural diversity of the region. APAC is not a homogenous mass. Is Australia any more different from China, than India is from China? Or than Sri Lanka is from Korea? Are any of those countries more poly lingual than Australia? My company runs a 100 seat call centre from Melbourne mainly doing interviewing into Asia. Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in APAC. In terms of time zones, Sydney is 2 hours ahead of Tokyo, 3 ahead of HK and 5 ahead of India (and a couple hours behind NZ) - perfect!

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