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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Nunwood to focus on customer experience management

UK— Nunwood has relaunched its businesses in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand with a new model that focuses primarily on “insight-powered customer experience management”.

The agency said it will still provide insight and analytical services “across all research disciplines” but the focus will now firmly be on customer experience management.

Change was hinted at last month when Nunwood acquired California-based customer experience training and change management agency Retention Specialists.

Global managing partner Andy Moore (pictured) said: “Over the last year we’ve seen 42% growth in our customer experience management practice.This is a natural space for insight professionals to evolve into: building on our established customer, brand and product expertise, but tying it together with a joined-up approach to creating outstanding experiences.”

Nunwood chief commercial officer Tim Knight added: “This is much more than a rebrand, but a coming together of two years of investments in new technology, consulting expertise, analytical tools and visualisation capabilities.

“We’ve worked hard to give clients the ability to run even the smallest customer insight project in the most strategic possible context, or to run the largest, most strategic programme with a truly end-to-end approach.”

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