NEWS15 May 2015

Nunwood acquired by KPMG

M&A News UK

UK — Customer experience management and feedback technology company Nunwood has announced that it has been acquired by KPMG.

Nunwood, which was founded in 1996 and has offices in Leeds and London, recorded annual revenues of £8m in 2014.

In acquiring the company, KPMG is looking to offer a “full-service customer management programme” to its clients.

“Today’s deal is strategically very important to KPMG as it will enable us to provide clients with the tools they require to be truly customer-centric,” said Richard Fleming, head of Advisory at KPMG. “Nunwood’s understanding of the issues driving customer behaviour, and the way they focus on improving customers’ experiences mirrors our approach of putting technology at the heart of everything we do.”

Phil Rushfirth, KPMG director and co-founder of Nunwood (pictured), said: “The acquisition provides Nunwood’s team with access to additional resources and complementary skills sets to further support our valued clients with an ever deeper understanding of global best practice in customer experience management and a one stop shop approach to its practical application.”

Tim Knight, senior partner at Nunwood, added: “KPMG started talking with Nunwood because of our clear focus on customer experience measurement, voice of the customer, feedback technology and customer journey mapping. We’ll invest our combined resources in continuing to evolve these core services and technologies, providing insight and customer experience clients with what they value most.

“Where KPMG has amazing strength is where most firms in our sector leave the room: turning recommendations into effective organisational transformation. Where it’s relevant for clients, we’ll be able to do far more now to link their customer experience tracking or journey mapping through to effective, profitable change. The big vision is end-to-end customer experience transformation, all through a single relationship, yet still firmly rooted in customer data, analytics and insights.”

Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Nunwood will continue to be located in both Leeds and London but will gradually relocate to KPMG’s offices in order to accommodate the anticipated growth of the team.