NEWS1 March 2013

NRS to use ComScore data in print and digital offering

Data analytics UK

UK — Online audience data from ComScore will be used by the National Readership Survey’s print and digital data study NRS PADD, the organisation has confirmed.


PADD launched in September combining readership data from Ipsos Mori with figures from UKOM, the online audience measurement company.

However, at the time of PADD’s launch, UKOM was working with Nielsen as its audience measurement supplier. ComScore took over the UKOM contract from Nielsen in 2013, but the change required that tests be carried out by NRS to see whether it was possible to fuse ComScore’s data with its readership data.

With those tests complete, NRS this week confirmed it would be able to use ComScore’s data.

NRS chief executive Mike Ironside (pictured) said: “We’re looking forward to working with ComScore to produce reports that continue to be the benchmark for digital audience measurement across the newspaper and magazine industry.”