NEWS6 February 2014

NRS to add mobile and tablet readership data to PADD

Data analytics UK

UK — The National Readership Survey (NRS) is to extend its Print and Digital Data (PADD) reporting to include mobile and tablet readership.

Res_4011197_Mike Ironside

PADD was launched in 2012 to provide a combined measure of print and website readership, however digital readership data was restricted to desktop devices.

The new mobile and tablet data will arrive later this year, and will cover readership of mobile websites, mobile apps and digital editions.

Mike Ironside, chief executive of NRS, said: “The extension of our reports to include tablet and mobile data is a huge step for the organisation. It has been in our plans since the launch of NRS PADD last year, and we’re extremely excited that it is finally coming to fruition. 

“Not only will the market have measures of total reach for the brands concerned, they will be able to compare and analyse these multi-platform audiences in any way they wish.”

NRS collects its own data through face-to-face surveys of 36,000 people each year. This data is then fused with website data produced by comScore on behalf of UKOM.