NEWS13 February 2012

Nokia puts insights into HQs with visualisers

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FINLAND— Companies hoping to bring consumer insight into the heart of their business might want to take a leaf out of Nokia’s book – the mobile phone group has installed data visualisers in three of its main offices.


The company’s Finnish headquarters and its US and UK head offics have each been fitted with a bank of six screens that display, variously, the latest Nokia ad campaigns, user-generated content collated from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr and Instagram, and two screens dedicated to tracking and analysing conversations about Nokia the brand – benchmarked against competitors – and its specific products, campaigns and services.

Nokia has named the visualisers Agora. Craig Hepburn, global director of digital and social, says they will put social listening “at the very heart of Nokia”.

He says: “By bringing together these complementary content and data feeds, in a visual way, we’re able to collectively view and interpret massive amounts of social media data in an efficient and effective manner.”

You can see Agora in action in the video below. The installations were designed, built and implemented in partnership with word-of-mouth marketing agency 1000heads.


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12 years ago

A brilliant idea from Nokia - but who's going to analyse this data? It might well provide snippets of insight to employees, but someone (ideally an external researcher?) should be continuously analysing it as well, if it's really going to have impact.

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