NEWS14 June 2016

Nielsen unveils suite of neuroscience tools

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US — Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience has unveiled Video Ad Explorer, a suite of integrated neuroscience tools designed to test and optimise ad creative. 

Neuroscience crop

Video Ad Explorer combines electroencephalography (EEG), core biometrics (which includes skin conductance response and heart rate), facial coding, eye tracking and self-report. The tools offer analysis and feedback on a second by second basis. 

"By integrating these tools, we're providing brand teams with a full picture of their consumers’ thinking and emotional response that will create greater confidence and understanding about how their creative will perform," said Dr. Carl Marci, chief neuroscientist for Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience. 

As part of the launch, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, along with CBS and Nielsen Catalina Solutions, unveiled the results of a five-month study that tested the relationship between neuroscience measures and sales. It was found that when used separately, the relationship of individual metrics to sales ranged from 9% (facial coding) to 62% (for EEG). 

However, when the neuroscience measures were integrated, the explanatory power for in-store sales apparently rose to 77%.