NEWS27 July 2017

Nielsen launches RMO sales planner

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US – Nielsen has added a revenue management and optimisation (RMO) sales planner to its everyday analytics suite of tools. 

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The new solution is intended to enable FMCG companies to ‘accelerate trade optimisation results’ by bridging the gap between price and promotion strategies that have been focused at a national level, and annual plans carried out by account teams at a local, retailer level. 

According to Nielsen, the RMO Sales Planner can be used to evaluate the best combination of everyday prices and temporary discounts to achieve business goals across product portfolios. It is powered by Nielsen’s store-level models that provide information on how nationally-set guidelines will impact retailers. 

"Without retailer-specific data to guide them, account teams must determine how to price and promote their products using their best guess or defaulting to tactics from last year," said Jeanne Danubio, head of marketing and sales effectiveness for lead markets at Nielsen.

"In the end, many trade efficiencies are not being realised by manufacturers and retailers alike. With RMO Sales Planner, FMCG companies now have a way to help account teams replace guesswork with informed decision-making for optimised, retailer-specific plans that deliver a greater impact."