NEWS14 May 2012

Nielsen developing new range of meter technology

North America Technology

US— Nielsen is planning to roll out a new wave of meters that will measure all forms of video content – including mobile and internet video – as well as traditional television viewing.

Mediapost reports that Nielsen’s new Global Television Audience Metering (GTAM) technology could begin to replace existing methodologies by 2014.

There are four new meters in the GTAM range: the GTAM Meter will be the primary method of measuring audiences; the GTAM Lite Meter will be used in homes that have fewer electronic devices; the Code Reader will monitor digital codes embedded in TV and video recordings; and the Scrolling Text People Meter – set to replace current people meters – provides respondents with written prompts on an LED screen to ensure they comply with the measurement process.

Nielsen has started writing to customers to tell them about the new initiative.