NEWS3 February 2014

Nielsen completes $119m purchase of Harris Interactive

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US — Nielsen will complete its $118.9m acquisition of Harris Interactive today, after 79% of selling stockholders tendered their shares before the offer deadline.


In a statement, Nielsen said it will integrate the bulk of Harris’s business into its consumer research segment, ‘Buy’, but will retain The Harris Poll brand.

John Lewis, president of Nielsen in the Americas, said: “This acquisition enables deeper insights into consumer sentiment as well as what consumers are watching and buying, while also expanding our footprint with important industry verticals including pharmaceutical, automotive and financial services.”

The conclusion of the deal marks the end-point of CEO Al Angrisani’s (pictured) turnaround efforts at Harris Interactive. When he joined the firm in June 2011, after a string of poor results, Harris’s share price was 70 cents. The deal with Nielsen was worth $2.04 a share.



11 years ago

Another feather in Al's cap:)

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10 years ago

Really Ashish? He focused on cost control and cutting massive chunks of the business. Really, that is the easy part - growing revenue & returning a profit is an altogether different ball game. He managed to luck out and got x 3 on his shares no doubt but hardly a success for any long term Harris Shareholders. Success would have been a profitable Harris business - not one that was flogged before it folded.

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