NEWS13 April 2018

Nielsen CGA launches check-level insights for alcohol sales

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US – Global measurement company Nielsen and data and research consultancy CGA Strategy have launched check-level insights pool (CLIP) data for the US alcohol market.

Beer pumps at a pub

The offer, which adds to Nielsen’s on-premise and off-premise measurement services, will provide insights on sales performance for bars and restaurants at a transaction level. The initial launch will cover alcohol drink sales, with soft drinks, energy and food to be included in future.

CLIP data will offer companies purchase insights including the average value of transactions when their brands are purchased, the relationship of brands to competitors and how they perform during specific occasions such as happy hour or Super Bowl Sunday.

Nielsen CGA, the joint venture between the two companies, is also working to integrate on-premise data into Nielsen’s marketing mix analysis.  

Scott Elliott, senior vice-president of Nielsen CGA, said: "For marketers, knowing what is bought alongside their brands, what time of day their brand/category is purchased, how their brands perform on key events and key day parts are all crucial insights to navigating today’s marketplace.”