NEWS23 June 2015

Nielsen Catalina Solutions launches new segmentation methodology

News North America

US — Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) has launched a new segmentation methodology based on purchase data.

The methodology, Choice Fragmentation, evaluates customers that have not purchased a brand’s product in the last year and segments them into groups that are likely and unlikely to be converted into brand buyers. Marketing activities can then be focused on those most likely to be converted.

“Just as data has revolutionised media activation and consumption, it has also impacted audience segmentation,” said Leslie Wood, chief research officer, NCS. “Marketers are reevaluating how they plan and buy television media, using ultra-focused audience segments.

“We’ve gone from demographics to buyergraphics, and this work takes the buyergraphic approach to a whole new level by identifying which non-buyer segments have the most sales potential through Choice Fragmentation.”

NCS is a joint venture between Nielsen and Catalina Marketing, formed in 2009 to provide consumer packaged goods (CPG) and media companies with measurement tools to link consumers’ buying behaviour with their exposure to marketing materials.