NEWS24 March 2010

Nielsen and Openwave launch mobile ‘insight engine’

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US— Nielsen has agreed a data-sharing deal with mobile analytics software firm Openwave Systems to launch an “insight engine” for mobile network operators.

John Giere

John Giere

Data from Nielsen’s Prizm consumer segmentation model, which classifies households into 58 types based on demographics and financial behaviour, will be merged with information from the Openwave Analytics Platform.

Openwave’s platform uses real-time analytics to identify mobile data trends across mobile internet, messaging, videos and social networking.

The firms said that the resulting “engine” would allow mobile operators to effectively analyse profiles and data segments by using insights such as click-through-rates and time-spent on their devices.

John Giere, Openwave’s senior vice president of products and marketing said: “We hope to arm the industry with actionable solutions which provide better response rates and more measurable mobile campaigns. We believe our collaboration with Nielsen will help improve the mobile operator’s understanding of their network usage and facilitate new revenue opportunities for ecosystem players.”