NEWS21 December 2011

Nielsen and ComScore settle patent dispute

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US— ComScore and Nielsen have settled their disputes over online measurement patents, with ComScore acquiring four of Nielsen’s families of patents and Nielsen acquiring $19m-worth of ComScore stock.

Nielsen will retain a licence to the patents it has sold ComScore and is also granted a licence to some of the patents ComScore already owns.

Both sides have agreed not to bring any further patent action against each other in the next three years while Nielsen’s stake in ComScore must be held for a minimum of a year and the stock has neutral voting requirements.

Nielsen’s Steve Hasker and ComScore’s Magid Abraham said the settlement laid the groundwork for “collaboration” and “cooperation” between the two companies, which are rivals in the measurement of website audiences and advertising.

The companies sued each other in March – Nielsen struck first and then ComScore hit back with a counter-suit.