NEWS5 April 2017

Nielsen adds AI to Marketing Cloud

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US – Nielsen has launched Nielsen Artificial Intelligence (AI), an adaptive learning technology built into its Marketing Cloud.

Abstract graphic showing neural networks

The addition of AI methods means Nielsen’s Marketing Cloud can respond instantly to changes in consumer behaviour which it said will lead to more relevant content and advertising, and improved ROI.

Data from client’s ecommerce purchased, product page visits and audiences for example, are streamed and optimised by Nielsen AI allowing marketers to adapt their messages according to the buying behaviour.

Nielsen AI syndicates audience data updates across platforms such as search, social media, email, video, mobile, programmatic, OTT-TV and owned-and-operated websites and apps. 

Mark Zagorski, executive vice-president, Nielsen Marketing Cloud, said: "Nielsen AI takes a big leap beyond industry-standard batch-learning approaches, which are limited by static audience data sets and learning processes that can take days to complete."

"In a competitive environment where every moment counts, marketers need to be able to act on up-to-the-second information in an automated way. Nielsen AI equips them with the tools they need for real time data processing, learning and syndication, enabling marketers to cut through the clutter."