NEWS25 January 2023

Nexxt Intelligence develops research API

AI News North America

CANADA – Research technology business Nexxt Intelligence has launched an application programming interface (API) for survey platforms to carry out AI-based probing of open-ended responses.

screengrab of inca platform showing a conversation on a digital interface

Toronto-based Nexxt Intelligence offers an AI-based survey platform, ‘inca’. Through the new service, ‘inca SmartProbe API’, survey platforms can integrate the platform’s conversational AI technology.

The API will allow survey platforms to generate a follow-up (probing) question that is based on the original open-ended question that a respondent was asked and on the respondent’s answer.

Josh Seltzer, chief technology officer, Next Intelligence, said: “inca SmartProbe API is built on top of generative AI technology, but fine-tuned by a team of market researchers and natural language processing experts to ensure that survey participants are probed with relevant follow-up questions to their open-ended responses.”

Phil Sutcliffe, managing partner, said the move means companies can “benefit from the deeper insight at scale that is delivered by the answers survey participants give to intelligent probing.”