NEWS14 August 2013

Nexstar extends Rentrak contract

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US — Nexstar has extended Rentrak’s contract to provide TV ratings to two more stations. 

The multi-year local TV ratings contract adds audience viewership, segmentation and purchaser metrics via Rentrak’s StationView Essentials service to Nexstar’s Burlington, Vermont broadcast operations allowing it to measure, not only the quantity of its program audiences, but also the relevance and engagement of its viewers across a wide variety of specific attitudinal and behavioural profiles.

Nexstar first signed with Rentrak in 2010 in two markets and now uses Rentrak as its sole ratings currency in seven different markets.

“We look forward to the expansion of our association with Rentrak for the benefit of our advertisers and their marketing success in the Burlington and Plattsburgh communities,” said Tim Busch, executive vice president and co-chief operating officer at Nexstar.