NEWS1 September 2015

Newspaper groups join forces to promote advertising

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UK — The UK’s six leading national newspaper groups have combined to launch a £3m advertising campaign: “Nothing works like news works”.

The campaign covers the newspaper groups’ combined 18 titles, including The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Mirror, The Sun and The Daily Mail. It is designed to remind people “of the unique role newspapers play for advertisers, readers and society”.

It launches tomorrow and will run for eight weeks. It will appear on digital platforms as well as in the papers. A series of six ads — one of which can be seen above — is designed to highlight the level of attention and influence that newspapers still attract.

The campaign is also designed to emphasise the spending power of newspaper readers and to make the point that more 18-24 year olds turn to news brands and not TV for their news.

“Technology and the arrival of tech organisations has transformed the way all of us find information, which means the important role newspaper brands play can sometimes be overlooked,” said Rufus Olins, chief executive of Newsworks, the marketing body for national newspapers and the organisation behind the campaign.

“We felt it was time to remind people about the job they do and extraordinary influence they have over people’s opinions and decision-making.”

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5 years ago

I want to know which was the market research company that conducted the study in which the campaign was based.

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