NEWS25 June 2009

New tools track buzz among TV and music fans

North America Technology Trends

US— Wetpaint, which provides software for online communities, has launched a tool for measuring fans’ engagement with popular TV shows online.

The TV Fandex generates rankings based on the consumption and creation of online content. It aims to measure the popularity of established shows, as well as the momentum of new and emerging ones.

Ben Elowitz, CEO of the Seattle-based firm, said: “It’s clear there is a fundamental decentralisation under way in how consumers experience TV programming, but the measurement tools have remained substantially the same. Fans now have the tools to connect and evangelise and they’re using them with gusto. The TV Fandex provides networks and producers with the first gauge of the winners and losers in creating and retaining an online audience.”

Meanwhile a company in Massachusetts has launched software to help music companies find and target the most influential voices online to encourage buzz around their artists and releases. The Echo Nest’s Fanalytics tool is based on technology developed by company founders Brian Whitman and Tristan Jehan while at MIT, Berkeley and Columbia universities.

CEO Jim Lucchese said: “We understand that simply making your music available on the web is easy. The challenge is cutting through the noise to build a meaningful fan base.”