NEWS19 October 2010

New tool offers ‘collaborative’ survey creation

North America Technology

US— A new online tool from Vision Critical promises to allow researchers to work together to build online surveys at the same time.

The firm’s Firefly Surveys tool allows access for multiple users at the same time, so they can simultaneously collaborate on creating, editing and deploying surveys.

Vision Critical said that this collaboration can shave “days or even weeks” off the time it takes to send a survey out to respondents.

The tool has been tested by Research Rockstar, whose president Kathryn Korostoff said: “Firefly allows us to forget about Word documents, tracking changes and comments. Instead of exchanging hundreds of emails, we can take part in real-time collaboration throughout the process.”

Jason Smith, Vision Critical’s president of product innovation added: “This is a product born of our clients’ demand: a new, entirely collaborative way for novice and expert researchers alike to create, deploy and analyse surveys.”