NEWS1 December 2009

New radio ratings client on the Radar for Arbitron

New business North America

US— Marketing and ad agency Burrell Advertising has agreed a multi-year deal to use Arbitron’s Radar network radio rating service.

The agency, which is part of Burrell Communications, specialises in understanding consumer behaviour in young and adult African-American consumers.

Gail Warren, associate media director at Burrell, said: “We use radio as an integral part of our media mix and Arbitron’s Radar estimates will provide us with fresh insights to help make educated and effective decisions for our clients.”

Radar (Radio’s All Dimension Audience Research) measures 58 radio networks and is unique, Arbitron says, because it estimates audiences for network radio commercials as well as programming.

Arbitron’s chief sales officer and senior vice president, Carol Hanley, said: “Network radio targets several important socio-economic groups and Radar demonstrates to advertisers and broadcasters the value of these audiences.”