NEWS7 June 2016

New personal data app offers insight into social media personalities

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UK — Citizenme, a new mobile app that aims to help people to get value from their personal data, has launched.  

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The app, available on iOS and Android, offers users insights into their digital personality traits and the ability to exchange data for cash rewards with  brands. 

The insights offered have been developed in partnership with Cambridge University Psychometric Centre and the University of Sheffield Open Data Science Institute. Currently, users can access insight into the personality traits they display over social media, gain cash rewards, compare their opinions with others via quizzes and polls, and donate their data to charities for research and analytics purposes. 

Brands can then access combined survey, social media and smartphone data. 

“We strongly believe that when people better understand themselves, businesses better understand people," said Ryan Garner, director of insights at Citizenme. "Users of Citizenme are engaged with their data. They pay more attention to the data they provide because the outcomes have meaning for them. This means brands that engage with consumers through Citizenme will benefit from better quality data, rich multi-source data and built in data and text analytics.

"With this inside out approach to insight generation brands have the opportunity to develop trusted data relationships which will ultimately lead to stronger and more equitable customer relationships.”