NEWS16 November 2017

CitizenMe adds experts to insights platform

AI Mobile News UK

UK – Personal data app, CitizenMe has launched an Expert Network to connect companies with experts in the insight industry.

The Expert Network platform offers expertise in B2B and B2C, as well as people that have worked across the world. Clients can gain insights from people knowledgeable in sectors including finance, retail, travel and automotive as well as areas such as customer experience, trends & forecasting, marketing effectiveness, social media intelligence and digital transformation.

Ryan Garner, innovation director said: “In our networked knowledge economy, businesses should be able to access the best human data and human minds to help guide their toughest business decisions. We have already used artificial intelligence in our Exchange platform, but we must also use human intelligence too. This is where the Expert Network comes in.”

CitizenMe’s mission is to democratise human data, by unlocking its value for individual digital citizens. Its app lets citizens collect their data from different areas of their digital lives into a single place, and gives them different types of value for it. CitizenMe then connects these individuals with businesses, who can request a range of digital data, such as app use and social media data, to be integrated alongside survey questions.