NEWS29 April 2015

New engagement agency harnesses consumer neuroscience

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UK — New engagement agency WeAreFearless has launched, using consumer neuroscience as part of its strategic approach.

The agency is founded by Garry Dods, formerly of Mars and Octagon, and Jonathan Owen, former CEO of Energy Marketing Group.

WeAreFearless specialises in brand partnerships, experiences and storytelling, and integrates consumer neuroscience into its strategic approach.

“We passionately believe that marketing needs a new engagement model,” said Dods. “There’s too much meaningless marketing which means people aren’t listening or caring so they’re not inspired into action. But when you consider that up to the 90% of human decision-making is unconscious and emotionally-driven, there’s a huge opportunity to reinvent a new model.

“I’m excited that WeAreFearless is bringing a bold new approach by harnessing the power of people’s passions with the latest thinking in consumer neuroscience.”


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5 years ago

One of the reasons people do not seem to be listening is that each of us has a unique set of listening habits that influence who/what we listen to/for and what we ignore. Chances are those similarities and differences are not being considered when trying to engage people in marketing.

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