NEWS1 December 2009

New consulting arm at Cadient Interactive

North America

US— Cadient Interactive has launched a new division, Hatch Consulting, to offer clients a range of research, insight and CRM services.

The firm, which is part of Cadient Group, specialises in creating custom digital campaigns and services for clients in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Cadient Group’s chief innovation officer, Will Reese, will direct the team of consultants within Hatch, which is split by marketing discipline to cover research insights, user experience, social media consumer RM and more.

He said: “The Hatch Consulting team stays at the leading-edge of interactive marketing strategies and topics and guides Cadient Interactive clients clients as they make critical decisions about how, when and where to deploy interactive strategy. Our research, pilot initiatives and customer insights have led us to select the areas of focus for Hatch – we believe they will align well with emerging client needs as our industry continues to evolve.”