NEWS4 February 2016

New CEO for Mu Sigma

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INDIA — Decision science and analytics company Mu Sigma has appointed Ambiga Dhiraj as its CEO. 

Dhiraj has been at the company for over eight years and has been COO since February 2012. Prior to that she led various functions, including talent management, marketing and innovation and product development. The appointment makes her the first female CEO of an Indian unicorn - a private company valued at $1bn or more. 

“Mu Sigma is moving from its adolescence into its prime,” said company founder Dhiraj Rajaram. “The rate at which we’ve added new clients, combined with the amount of help that our clients demand in realising the potential of Big Data, led me to this decision to work with them more closely. Ambiga is one of the most design-oriented and operationally strong leaders that I’ve ever worked with. The company had planned for this possibility, and the time is right.”

Mu Sigma is headquartered in Chicago, with a UK and European base in London. Its main delivery centre is in Bangalore, India, where Dhiraj will continue to be based.