NEWS30 April 2019

Neustar integrates TiVo data

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US – Information services firm, Neustar, and entertainment technology firm, TiVo, have announced that TiVo’s TV viewership data will now be available in Neustar’s Multi-Touch Attribution and Unified Marketing Analytics tools.

Person using a TV remote control

Including TiVo’s TV exposure data from both its own set-top boxes (STB) and third parties means advertisers can compare the efficacy of both TV and digital investments together to make more insightful budgeting decisions.

Integrating this data allows advertisers to gain insight into the effectiveness of ad exposures including delayed viewing, along with general audience viewing behaviour. Advertisers can identify what achieves greater ROI by measuring across networks, day-part, programmes and creatives.

Neustar general manager and vice-president for marketing solutions Michael Schoen, said: “As the world of television is rapidly changing, it’s essential that we not only bring transparency to TV measurement but also help to build a different standard for it.

“With TiVo’s data, we are able to better provide granular TV insight that enables us to help our clients make better decisions about where to allocate their next marketing dollar.”