NEWS26 September 2016

Neustar forms marketing analytics partnership with Facebook

News North America

US — Neustar has announced a new advanced marketing analytics partnership with Facebook. 

Steven wolfe pereira crop

The solution, which combines cookie and click-based approaches with a people-based measurement approach, is intended to enable marketers to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of their campaigns on the platform, as well as attributions through Instagram and Audience Network. It will also allow them to combine these results with their offline activities to get a full picture of the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

The solution takes into account offline marketing approaches and non-media drivers (weather patterns, economic indicators etc) as well as proprietary propensity models that give clients an indicator of how likely it is for a customer to purchase a certain product or service in response to marketing activities. 

“Marketers who invest in understanding their own customer graph and employ a people-centric view across media, devices and channels, are much more likely to drive business results than those who do not," said Steven Wolfe Pereira (pictured), chief marketing and communications officer at Neustar.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Facebook to improve how marketers build connected customer experiences as we continue to drive the next generation of advanced attribution solutions forward.”