NEWS4 June 2010

NeuroFocus goes virtual with new 3D store research tool

North America Technology

US— Neuromarketing research agency NeuroFocus has launched a 3D virtual reality tool, N-Matrix 3D, that it claims will bring digital technology “on a par with Avatar” – the James Cameron film – to the world of in-store research.

NeuroFocus said that the more commonly used 2D virtual representations of store shelves fall flat because they cannot meet the brain’s subconscious desire for elements such as life-like lighting, shadows, depth perception and detail. Without these, the firm claims, the brain will add these elements itself rendering the results of virtual research “imperfect at best and unreliable at worst”.

CEO A.K Pradeep (pictured) said: “N-Matrix 3D signals the end of trade-offs in market research, where until now compromises had to be made and accepted. We are bringing the real world right into the laboratory by adding the critical third dimension to virtual reality.”

Clients will be able to test product designs, packaging and store layouts using the tool, said NeuroFocus.