NEWS7 November 2016

Network Research unveils retirement planning study

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UK — Network Research has unveiled a new syndicated study looking into the views of the British public towards retirement and pensions. 

Starting this month, Network will interview 2,500 working people with defined contribution pensions, including those that have been automatically enrolled over the last five years.

The study will track attitudes and assets of UK workers every six months, asking questions around actions they are taking regarding saving for their retirement, including: how confident they are that pensions will pay out in uncertain times; whether they are relying on property to bail them out; how much cash they think they need and how long they imagine retirement will last. 

The sample will have a regional spread and it will be possible to add private questions to the survey. 

“With the retirement market expected to triple to £50bn by 2023, the time is right for a regular, in-depth understanding of people’s attitudes to saving," said Network Research CEO Ginny Monk. "Right now, our clients would need to commission individual ad hoc surveys at considerable expense to get this type of information. We have already received great interest from several clients and hope to announce these soon”