NEWS26 July 2021

Netflix most popular brand in UK

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UK – Netflix is the UK’s most loved brand but fails to make the top 10 most popular among 16 to 24-year-olds, according to research from Savanta.

Netflix button on TV remote control

The research found that the rest of the top five most popular brands across all age groups were Amazon, Cadbury, Walkers and Coca-Cola.

YouTube was the highest-ranked brand among 16 to 24-year-olds, followed by Cadbury, Magnum, Amazon and McDonald’s.

The research is based on the Savanta BrandVue Most Loved Brands 2021 report, which evaluated 2,000 brands, canvassing 150,000 UK adults, and broke down the results by age group, location in the UK and brand category.

Participants ranked brands against more than 50 criteria, including innovative, trustworthy, friendly, stylish and ethical.

Only two clothing brands made the top 100 brands, of which both were sportswear, while there were no travel brands at all in the top 100.

Roger Perowne, chief executive of Savanta, said: “Everyone else might be bingeing on Netflix, but the younger demographic prefers to get its viewing fix in shorter, sharp bursts.

“They see being a YouTube vlogger and personality as a legitimate career path and YouTube is where many of their icons and role models are to be found – and that’s reflected in the brands they love most.”