NEWS23 May 2013

NDTV appeals dismissal of Indian TV ratings claims

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US — New Delhi Television (NDTV) has lodged an appeal with the New York State Supreme Court over the earlier dismissal of a lawsuit connected to allegations of ratings tampering in India.

NDTV brought its original complaint against Nielsen and WPP’s Kantar Group last summer, accusing the firms of negligence and holding them liable for the ad revenue NDTV claimed to have lost due to unfavourable manipulation of audience figures.

In March, the court dismissed the lawsuit, primarily on the grounds that the case should be heard in India rather than New York.

However, in filing its appeal against the dismissal of its action against Nielsen, NDTV argues that it has “no ability to bring its claims against Nielsen in India because the Indian courts have no jurisdiction over New York-headquartered Nielsen”.

NDTV does not intend to challenge the dismissal of WPP-related claims, according to MediaPost.