NEWS16 April 2024

NBCUniversal creates personalised TV experience

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US – Broadcast media company NBCUniversal has launched personalised broadcast experiences through next generation television over-the-air channels in four markets.

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NextGen TV is a free, over-the-air digital broadcast technology that uses the internet and digital applications to present viewers with video, audio and interactive capabilities.

NBCUniversal said that the new system would offer personalisation, hyper-localisation and enhanced content capabilities to broadcast television to improve the viewer experience and support engagement, advertising and measurement opportunities.

NBCUniversal’s new experience also expands safety controls and access to public service notifications, while supporting viewer and programme metrics.

The new experience, which automatically launches when viewers tune into a NextGen TV over-the-air channel, is now available on NBC and Telemundo stations in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami. 

The experience was created in partnership with Fincons, Ease Live (an Evertz company) and Pearl TV.

Shawn Makhijani, senior vice-president of business development and strategy and NBC Spot On, NBCUniversal advertising and partnerships, said: “The launch of this innovative experience is a considerable milestone for broadcast television and demonstrates the immense potential and possibilities NextGen TV has for viewers, programmers, stations and advertisers.

“We are truly excited to present these enhancements to our NBC and Telemundo viewers in several top markets, with more to come.”