NEWS18 November 2014

mySupermarket launches insights service

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UK — Supermarket shopping and comparison website mySupermarket has launched mySupermarket Insights.


A real-time dashboard tracks product sales and market share across all the main supermarkets in the UK allowing marketers to track performance and make changes daily to their campaigns rather than waiting for post-season analysis.

The data is gathered from more than 50,000 unique monthly shoppers and 4.5 million visitors to the site. MySupermarket Insights will also be able to track promotions, market share, NPD, purchasing trends and access to customer’s opinions and feedback with custom surveys.

It will include a freemium model for an indefinite period of time giving users access to 30 days worth of market share. For a monthly payment, users can access more in-depth data and detailed reports covering inflation tracking and NPD daily alerts.

Gilad Simhony, CEO of mySupermarket, said: “For too long the FMCG sector has had to make important business decisions based on data that is at best weeks old. MySupermarket Insights is a unique real-time measurement of brand performance for the FMCG community. By tracking sales of specific products or categories, marketers will be able to directly link the performance of their marketing campaign and the impact on market share.”



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10 years ago

Supermarkets have a range of at least 40,000 SKU's so how is mysupermarket able to give sales marketshare with only 50,000 shoppers? The sales threshold would have to very low on most products with only the most popular items being reported on in significant numbers to be statistically representative. Also, sales differ between online shopping and offline shopping so you wouldn’t be able to extrapolate this to offline at all as the baskets differ. Online grocery sales still only make up about 7% of total sales so not sure how relevant this data is.

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