NEWS2 June 2017

Mustard launches qualitative research app

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UK – Full service market research agency Mustard has launched Pickles, a smartphone app for real-time qualitative research. 

Colin Auton crop

Pickles, which was designed in-house by the research team at Mustard, offers in-the-moment qualitative insight at the point of engagement. It is intended to allow clients to see and hear from their customers in context. 

“Our industry undeniably remains in the midst of a period of significant change," said Colin Auton, managing director at Mustard (pictured).

"Fast insight is no longer enough – in the world of instant gratification our clients need instant learning. That said, the Pickles app is about much more than speed – it allows us to uncover more genuine insights, and real rather than recalled experiences.

"There seemed to be a gap in the market and a demand from clients for an approach that would go ‘deeper', creating an environment for researchers to get to know consumers over extended periods of time, more akin to digital ethnography.

"We know how wedded people are to their phones – so a new mobile app was the obvious choice.”