NEWS16 June 2014

Multi-device use growing among wealthy Europeans

Europe News

EUROPE — Almost one third of affluent Europeans now own a smartphone, tablet and PC/ laptop, according to research from Ipsos.

Ipsos’s European Media & Marketing Survey (EMS) looks at media usage among Europe’s affluent target groups (household income in the top 13%). According to this year’s survey, 28% of affluent Europeans own all three key devices: triple the proportion seen in 2012, when just 8% owned all three.

According to the survey, PC/ laptop ownership has stayed constant since 2013 at 92%; smartphone ownership has grown from 62% to 70% and tablet ownership has grown from 21% to 35%.

“It is a fact that reading print and watching TV still make up a large proportion of upscale media consumption, but at the same time these affluent consumers are leading the way for digital adoption, whether in the office, at home or when travelling on business or for pleasure,” said Nathalie Sodeike, managing director of Ipsos MediaCT in the Netherlands.

“Every year we see digital technology play a larger and larger role in the media consumption of Europe’s affluent population.”

The EMS study was based on 28,000 Europeans across 21 countries, and has been running since 1996. More information on this year’s results can be found here.