NEWS14 September 2009

MRI touts expanded AdMeasure as print ad ‘currency’

North America

US— Mediamark Research (MRI) is touting an expanded version of its AdMeasure service as a syndicated industry currency for print ad measurement.

From next year the firm will begin reporting ad exposure data for every issue of nearly 200 magazine titles – covering 155,000 ads in more than 3,100 issues. Currently 646 issues are measured, spread over 112 titles.

MRI president and CEO Kathi Love said: “When we launched AdMeasure a few short months ago, we knew there would be a ‘phase two’.”

AdMeasure fuses data from MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer, its Issue Specific Readership Study and the ad readership research carried out by MRI Starch to report audience levels for all national ads one-third of a page or larger. Metrics reported by the service include the number of readers who saw, read and took action over a given ad.

Love said: “Online panel sources have various biases and MRI wanted to ensure we could combine the several disparate panels needed to produce ratings for so many issues in a way that controlled for that bias.

“After much analysis, we’re now comfortable that we can effectively do this and offer the marketplace high-resolution ad ratings for virtually every national ad in every issue of the major national consumer magazines.”