NEWS7 May 2015

MRC issues interim guidance on mobile viewable impression measurement

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US — The Media Rating Council (MRC) has issued interim guidance on mobile viewable impression measurement.


The guidance is based on MRC’s current knowledge and assessments, and will stand for an interim period until further study, testing and industry discussion occurs.

The guidance states that viewable impression measurement of ads in mobile web browsers should follow the existing guidance for viewability in desktop ( 50% of pixels in the viewable space of the browser for a minimum of one second (display) or two seconds (video).

The guidance also states that measurers should segregate mobile and desktop ad impressions in their reporting “to the fullest extent possible”.

Full guidance can be found here.


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9 years ago

What a complete waste of time. Such transient exposure has next to zero effect. Advertisers should wake up and realise there are better ways to talk to their consumers and spend their money accordingly.

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