NEWS3 January 2020

Mozilla makes California privacy rights changes for all users

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US – Software organisation Mozilla is rolling out changes under the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to all users of its web browser, Firefox.

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The CCPA, which is intended to improve data privacy and consumer protection for California residents, came into effect on 1st January.

The privacy law allows users to request that companies delete their user-specific data – similarly to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Mozilla has said changes it is making in line with CCPA will apply to all Firefox users, not just those who live in California.

It will allow users to delete telemetry data stored in its systems using a new setting in Firefox. This data includes information about how many tabs a user has had open and how long their browsing session was.

The change will begin to be rolled out in the next version of Firefox on 7 January.

Alan Davidson, vice-president of global policy, trust and security at Mozilla, wrote in a blog post: "To date, the industry has not typically considered telemetry data ‘personal data’ because it isn’t identifiable to a specific person, but we feel strongly that taking this step is the right one for people and the ecosystem."