NEWS9 November 2009

Moxie and OpenAmplify plan online sentiment measurement tools

North America Technology Trends

US— Strategic marketing agency Moxie Interactive has struck a deal with language processing technology firm OpenAmplify to develop tools to measure the sentiment of online conversations between consumers and brands.

Moxie will use OpenAmplify’s semantic web platform to develop “unique measurement and brand participation planning tools” based on the latter’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

The agency hopes to better understand and analyse the sentiment, emotions and intent expressed in online conversations in order to provide clients with insight that will improve connections between them and their customers.

Moxie says it will gauge consumer sentiment before, during and after marketing campaigns and advise clients on specific things to do, such as adjusting their marketing messages.

Joel Lunenfeld (pictured), Moxie’s CEO, said: “Our vision is to build a unified platform that allows us to create applications around the social web, while exposing services for our clients to build upon.”