NEWS9 November 2010

More companies using social media, but measurement worries persist

In a survey of 50 ISBA members, more than half said they were using social media as a research tool to find out what people were saying about their product or service.

However, measurement remains one of the main concerns of social media users, the qual element of the study revealed. “Further work is needed to show how social media activity can impact upon the bottom line”, the IAB said.

Participants in the survey also said they wanted “greater reassurance about what conversations to listen to online, and how to respond”.

Alex Tait, head of digital marketing at the Post Office, and chair of ISBA’s digital action group, said: “This study adds context to the IAB’s social media framework, which… marks the start of an attempt to establish an industry standard measurement for social media.”

Amy Kean (pictured), who heads the IAB’s social media council, said “The evangelism stage of our support for the social media industry is very much over, and now is the time to take real steps to address the concerns that brands have about entering this space.”


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11 years ago

I can certainly understand this concern. While there are many companies offering social media for analytical purposes, not all of those companies are skilled in the practice of market research. There's a big difference between collecting data and creating research results, and it's hard for users to identify the difference. For those people interested in quality social media research, I highly recommend that they review the MRA's navigation guide to social media research.

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