NEWS13 January 2014

MoneySuperMarket appoints Meetrics to improve visibility of online ads

New business UK

UK — MoneySuperMarket has hired Meetrics to help address the visibility of its online ads.

Meetrics will manage and optimise MoneySuperMarket’s online display ad campaigns through a real-time dashboard. The dashboard will provide data on whether the ad is visible, how long it’s seen for and the number of clicks – information that will be used to optimise campaigns by targeting sites with high ad visibility.

According to Meetrics, a testing phase saw a 37% increase in ROI. Anant Joshi, director of international business at Meetrics, said: “The rise of programmatic buying has created a symbiotic increase in ads being served that are never seen. This partnership with MoneySuperMarket is an opportunity for us to address this issue proactively in the UK market and for others to learn from it.”