NEWS12 April 2013

Monetate adds data management providers to program

Data analytics North America

US — SaaS platform Monetate has added three data management platform providers to its big data leverage program.

Monetate, which aims to help marketers leverage big data to create online customer experience had integrated with data management platform companies BlueKai, Aggregate Knowledge and [x+1 ].

The partnerships will add customer profile and advertising segment data to Monetate’s historic and real-time attributes, such as referral and inbound marketing channel, location, device and behavioral data.

Colton Perry, vice president of partnerships at Monetate said: “The ability to manage data and use it for personalisation across all channels is mission critical for marketers, and through our integration with these platforms, Monetate is making it easier for our customers to access and leverage this third-party data and use it to create intuitive and relevant experiences for their customers.”