NEWS2 January 2013

Mobile survey traffic increases in Q3, finds Kinesis

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US — Mobile survey traffic increased from 19% to 25% between the first and third quarters last year, according to analysis by Kinesis Survey Technologies.


The company said its metadata showed a noticeable rise in the use of mobile browsers to take surveys, with desktop browsers falling from 81% to 75%.

However, Kinesis’s analysis suggests there is a gap between the use of mobile browsers to take surveys and the number of surveys that are mobile-compatible. Some 5% of data collected by the company during the July–September period came from respondents taking desktop surveys on their mobile devices.

Alongside this, Kinesis also notes an increase in the dropout rates for respondents who use mobile browsers, up from 72% in Q1 to 79% in Q3. There could be a number of explanations for this, Kinesis says, including a wearing-off of the novelty effect of mobile surveys and the fact that a high percentage of mobile traffic is for surveys that do not provide incentives. However, the company also cautions that survey length and design may be a contributing factor.

“Mobile survey respondents may very well outnumber desktop survey respondents in the near future, so this issue cannot be ignored by anyone who is part of the research community,” the company said.

  • In related news, the latest estimates from the National Health Interview Survey show telephone cord-cutting is continuing in the US with the number of homes that are cellphone-only reaching 35.8% in the first half of 2012. Click here for the report.


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11 years ago

Would be interesting to be able to take into account Survey being taken via NATIVE mobile app, in addition to the one with Mobile browser and desktop browser. Hence we could get a better picture of the market. Antoine @Datafieldapp

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