NEWS10 September 2015

Mobile marketing strategies limited by lack of app development

Automotive Europe News

BELGIUM — Research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe reveals that advertisers are taking advantage of the growth of mobile to engage with audiences, but that app functionality is limited in some markets.


The European Advertiser Mobile Audit Report, carried out by IAB Europe in collaboration with nine national IABs, involved an audit of over 600 advertiser sites with the aim of inspiring brand advertisers “to develop their mobile understanding and presence further in the context of a fundamental increase in consumer use of mobile devices”. It revealed that global mobile advertising revenue has now exceeded €24bn; more than 75% of the top automotive and retail advertisers across Europe have a mobile-optimised site and over half use responsive web design.

The report also claims that there are opportunities to extend mobile marketing strategies with app development. Certain functionalities — such as e-commerce in the case of retail brands, and test-drive booking in the case of automotive brands — are still limited in some markets.

Key findings were as follows:

  • The majority of automotive and retail brands have a mobile presence
  • Automotive brands are more advanced in terms of apps
  • Browsers are more developed than apps
  • The primary purpose of mobile display advertising is branding